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Re: amd64 and dpkg and so

Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
When it comes to machines, it's not like we have any lack of machines
currently. But it would be good to have one donated to the project, that
means I can stop pestering amd to lend it to me permanently for debian
porting work (currently it is just "well, some months and perhaps a couple
of months more"). :)

Athlon-64 should be ready for september? Currently opteron processors are being sold in public hardware shops, but they are a bit expensive (approx. 350 euros for a opteron-240 and 300 euros for a single opteron motherboard - do the math for a 2-processor server. Quite cheap for a 2-proc server, but not cheap for a developper anyway :) )

Even if AMD is not willing to DONATE hardware, might they sold cheap athlon-64/940 motherboards to debian?

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