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Re: debian-x86-64 Faq / Howto

Nate Iverson wrote:

I've posted what i have done with the Howto and Faq on my personal webpage. Please don't flame me too much for the lack of content missing links i just started working on this yesterday. :-) So far I'm just looking for content ideas.

One question though:
Do you like the numbering style in the FAQ or HOWTO better?
I'm not sure i like what i did with the HOWTO I'm thinking of changing it back :-(

Oh yeah.. here's the site:

http://personal.bgsu.edu/~inathan/amd64/ <http://personal.bgsu.edu/%7Einathan/amd64/>


This is a good start... format looks standard enough. I should have some contributions to section 1.4 in about a month; am testing some packages now.

Happy 10th Birthday, Debian.


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