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gcc on a biarch system

On amd64, we currently have a biarch-gcc that builds 32bit binaries by
default, and 64bit ones with a -m64 option.  Coding debian/rules for this
is pretty trivial but still requires some ugly architecture specific
hacks in each debian/rules.

These hacks can be troublesome if the default compile target is ever
changed (ie to 64bit, which may make more sense on most amd64 systems).
Currently I emulate this mode using a modified version of Arnd
Bergmann's /usr/bin/gcc script that injects -m64 before calling

I propose obtaining the gcc specific options from a dpkg-libinfo
(introduced by Gerhard Tonn's lib64 patches) or dpkg-architecture.
debian/rules can query for said options, and use them in order to build
for a given host architecture.

Perhaps a better solution would be to have a dpkg-compiler that can
answer the following questions given an architecture name:

dpkg-compiler -a${DEB_HOST_ARCH} -qCC
dpkg-compiler -a${DEB_HOST_ARCH} -qCXX
 - return the compiler to use to compile code for ${DEB_HOST_ARCH}
 - normally this would be gcc and g++, respectively, but could also be
   x86_64-linux-gcc for cross builds

dpkg-compiler -a${DEB_HOST_ARCH} -qCFLAGS
dpkg-compiler -a${DEB_HOST_ARCH} -qCXXFLAGS
 - return the CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS required for building for ${DEB_HOST_ARCH}

I am guessing that some of this stuff would be obtained from gcc or can
be retrieved from an /etc/*.conf file.



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