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Re: [x86-64] AMD Dev Center usage proposal - draft 2


>> 5) port all base libraries
>>   - /lib64 migration for 64 bit libraries
>>   - we should be able to compile and run simple C programs against these
>>   - what are they?  how many?

I am already working on this for a private Debian for s390x, 64 bit variant 
of s390, distribution. I hope to post the first patches next week.

>> 6) port packages required by autobuilder
>>   - what are they? how many?

> I will admit that I don't know where to get autobuilder, so I don't know
> what dependencies it requires.  Can someone lend a hand here?

I have done most of the s390 port including the setup of the autobuilder. So 
I can help with the setup if needed.


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