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Re: Unversioned symbols when building kernel package

Hi Ben!

On 1/5/23 17:39, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
I noticed that the object files for these 4 functions are handled
specially at the bottom of arch/alpha/lib/Makefile, and that interacts
badly with this change to modpost.  The attached patch fixes this for
me, but please test it to check that the output actually works.

I'll test the patch and report back as soon as possible!

I can confirm that your patch fixes the FTBFS for me and the package builds
fine. Would be great if the patch could be part of the next Debian revision
of the kernel so I can build the kernel package manually to unbreak the
dependency cycle.

Build Architecture: alpha
Build Profiles: nocheck
Build Type: any
Build-Space: 31984520
Build-Time: 32932
Distribution: sid
Host Architecture: alpha
Install-Time: 63
Job: /local_scratch/glaubitz/linux/linux_6.0.12-1.dsc
Lintian: error
Machine Architecture: amd64
Package: linux
Package-Time: 33070
Source-Version: 6.0.12-1
Space: 31984520
Status: successful
Version: 6.0.12-1


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