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Re: Update on the glibc segfault issue on Alpha

Hi Adhemveral!

On 1/4/23 13:00, Adhemerval Zanella Netto wrote:
I can confirm that this patch fixes the problem for me. I have uploaded a manually built glibc
package with the patch applied to Debian »unreleased« so that the buildds can resume building
packages again.

Would it be possible to backport this patch to 2.36 once it has been merged with the current
development tree? The reason is that I don't think that Debian is going to switch to anything
beyond 2.36 anytime soon due to the upcoming feature freeze in January.

I have sent a more detailed patch [1] and I will probably backport to all affected releases
once it is accepted.

Great, thanks a lot! This means, the fix will eventually be available in Debian and we won't have
to carry the patch for a long time.


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