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Re: Linux 6.0.7 MP kernel works on DS25

Hi Frank!

On 11/11/22 12:03, Frank Scheiner wrote:
It looks like MP operation is working **again** on Alpha with recent
kernels - which is just a pleasure to see! I'm unsure what was fixed in
the kernel to make it work again, quickly scanning through the changes I
didn't find anything related to Titan, only changes regarding Marvel.

Nevertheless a **big thank you** to all people involved in "fixing" this!

That's great news!

Don't know what to make out of this. Is this a problem in the kernel
sources or a problem for the Debian kernel team?

[2]: https://buildd.debian.org/status/logs.php?pkg=linux&arch=alpha

No idea, really. We need to ask someone from the Debian kernel team, they
probably know how to fix this.


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