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Re: Bug#986009: installation-reports: document qemu workarounds and bug in newer d-i image

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz dixit:
>On 3/27/21 8:32 PM, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
>> - https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/debian-installer/2021-01-03/alpha/debian-installer-images_20201202+nmu1_alpha.tar.gz
>>   is insufficient, it lacks the ISO which contains nic-modules
>The debian-installer tarballs are completely untested. We have ISO images
>in the snapshots folder which you should use.

Yeah, I did that later. The tarball there was the first thing I found,
though, and its ISO subdirectory contains only kernel and initrd :/

In contrast to e.g. ppc64el, which ISO to use is hard to figure out.

(As I wrote, the latest ISO didn’t work, I had to use an older one.)

>If the nic-modules package is missing, it needs to be added to the pkg-list
>for d-i for netboot.

No, this was the ISO subdirectory, not netboot, I use -net nic -net user
and so don’t have netboot set up. This is a throwaway VM for a oneshot.

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