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Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-11-22

On 11/23/2019 8:41 AM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

On 11/23/19 12:24 AM, rkn wrote:
uname -a gives: 5.3.0-2-alpha-generic and Debian 5.3.9-2 (2019-11-12).  Exact error message is that no kernel modules can be found.
But the ISO image contains the correct module packages. I just verified that again.
I'm reporting the exact readout that the system gives me when I run uname -a, I don't know anything more than that and I've done nothing to the image but burn it.  The error states that it is probably due to a mismatch between the kernel the installer uses and the kernel available in the archive.  The installer can't see anything that isn't the same version as itself.
I'm using the ISO image from the pool, I'm installing from a CD to a raw disk on a system that does not have Linux on it.
Can you list the CD contents of pool-alpha/main/l/linux?
I'm using it on the video output of the DS10L I'm trying to set it up on (using aboot option 0), I can reboot and run aboot option 1 and copy it from the terminal if you need a specific/complete listing.  An example is: srm-modules-5.2.0-2-alpha-generic-di_5.2.9-2_alpha.udeb.  The other contents are *-modules-5.2.0-2-alpha-generic-di_5.2.9-2_alpha.udeb.

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