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vmlinux.o linker warning

Using gcc 9.2 to build current 5.X kernel.org source trees, I'm seeing
several warnings like the following during the linking of "vmlinux.o":

WARNING: vmlinux.o(__ex_table+0x11d0): Section mismatch in reference from the (unknown reference) (unknown) to the (unknown reference) .alphalib:(unknown)
The relocation at __ex_table+0x11d0 references
section ".alphalib" which is not in the list of
authorized sections.  If you're adding a new section
and/or if this reference is valid, add ".alphalib" to the
list of authorized sections to jump to on fault.
This can be achieved by adding ".alphalib" to 
OTHER_TEXT_SECTIONS in scripts/mod/modpost.c.

This is directly due to the workarounds we put in place on alpha for
dealing with relocation errors during the linking of large executables
(such as "firefox" :-)).

These are warnings, but sending a fix upstream sooner rather than later
would probably be a good idea.


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