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Re: systemd woes continue

Hi Bob!

On 9/18/19 1:48 AM, Bob Tracy wrote:
It appears that all the configuration info in "/etc/network/interfaces"
for my "eth0" interface was completely ignored other than the IPv4
address.  No IPv6 address, no "dns-*" config items, etc.  Thanks,
systemd!  Not :-(.  I blame "systemd", because, when it was still
dropping me into emergency mode, "eth0" came up correctly.

Your permanent bashing of systemd makes answering your mails stressful
for me. I have contributed to systemd quite some bit and I have a good
relationship with several of the developers, so the pointless bashing
is just annoying. Please let's have a more constructive discussion, after
all, the previous issues on alpha were not caused by systemd either but
a bug in glibc for alpha.

As for the network configuration issue you are having, this might be a
result of udev renaming your network interfaces names [1]. You can
try disabling that.


[1] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Network_configuration#Revert_to_traditional_interface_names

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