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Re: Bug#939898: glibc: setuid/getuid broken on alpha with 2.29-1


On 9/10/19 10:52 AM, Michael Cree wrote:
I assume this would also work on qemu-system-alpha although I haven't tried
yet. But it should work the same way but without the "--foreign" argument.

What kernel are you running?  Be aware that recent kernels on alpha
(since ecf7e0a4ad15287) now support the getuid and getgid syscalls
that the other arches always have had.  I wonder if glibc has been
updated in anyway for that?  If so, it should be checking kernel
version as to whether to use OSF1 syscall conventions or Linux
syscall conventions.  OSF1 calling conventions should work on any
kernel, whereas Linux calling conventions only on kernels since

Yes, we have already figured out that this happens when the kernel is
too old. According to Aurelien, the problem is that the glibc package
has been built against the kernel 5.3 headers which is why users need
to upgrade their kernel first before upgrading glibc.

Currently fixing tsunami.


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