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Re: Updated installation images for Debian Ports 2019-04-09

On 4/15/19 03:53, Darren Goossens wrote:

Sorry If I am replying in the wrong way, I tried to understand how
these lists work but I always seem to get it wrong.

I have tried to use the Alpha netboot image. It booted very nicely,
but then I got the message that I needed to load some firmware from
removable media -- in this case, qlogic/1040.bin. The installer did
not detect the CDROM drive, which is a standard SCSI one that came
with the AlphaServer.

I put the files on a floppy (AlphaServer 1200 does not have USB) but
there is no floppy kernel module on the installer, so it could not
read the floppy.

So I'm kind of stuck.

Can you get your network up already at that point - netcat (as `nc`) is
available in the installer environment - or does this also require
access to the installer disc?


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