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Re: Arch qualification for buster: call for DSA, Security, toolchain concerns


On 12/9/18 3:18 PM, Matthias Klose wrote:
> To me it looks sometimes that Debian is used for testing by upstream, and for
> that the mips architectures don't need to be release architectures.

A note on this: If you decide to move MIPS to Debian Ports, you will make the
port unusable to most users as Debian Ports has a rather rudimentary FTP archive
setup which has some annoying side effects.

There is no support for a testing release, there is no support for cruft and the
FTP maintainers will eventually remove any MIPS-only packages from the Debian
archive which don't build on other architectures which usually affects packages
like boot loaders meaning that it will no longer be easily possible to build the
debian-installer package and consequently build installation images. The 32-bit
PowerPC port lost quite a number of users because of this change. Not because the
port was not healthy but because people want to be able to install a stable release.

Debian unfortunately doesn't have really good support for Tier II architectures, it's
either release or something based on unstable that requires extra elbow grease from
both users and maintainers.

Please also keep in mind that removing MIPS from the list of release architectures
would mean one less open platform on which Debian is supported. Neither anything
based on ARM, x86 or IBM Z provides a true open platform due to the proprietary
nature of these architectures. There are some efforts in this regard on IBM POWER,
but the hardware is still rather expensive, unfortunately. I do hope that RISC-V
will catch up in the future though.

I also think that the broad architecture support is one of the selling points of Debian
and if we were to limit Debian's architecture support to just ARM, x86, POWER and IBM Z,
I fear that Debian would more and more be turned into a mere development project for Ubuntu
and other derivatives rather than being an operating system of its own.


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