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Re: Use SMP kernel for Alpha (udeb) builds

On Tue, Dec 04, 2018 at 05:38:51PM +0100, Frank Scheiner wrote:
> As per [1] and our recent discussions the generic 4.x kernels seem to no
> longer work on Alpha machines which also renders any installer images using
> the generic 4.x kernels non-working.

Yes, that was noted some time ago.  A generic kernel does not boot
since about 3.13.  I can't remember why I never attempted bisecting
this back when it was first noted to be a problem, maybe because it
didn't affect me because I normally run my own spun kernels.

> Confirmed on:
> * AlphaStation 200 (w/EV4 x 1)
> * AlphaStation 255 (w/EV45 x 1)
> * Personal Workstation 500au (w/EV56 x 1)
> * AlphaServer DS20E (w/EV67 x 2)

Also on XP1000 so I would presume on any DP264 based machine.

> Also expected on:
> * AlphaServer ES45 (w/EV68CB x 4)

Actually no.  I seem to recall that the generic kernel does boot on
ES45 (Titan).  I can check that at some point when the buildds are
not busy.

I might have a look again to see if we can bisect this problem...


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