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Re: [alpha] Debian 9.0 NETINST fails

On 11/22/18 8:58 AM, Helge Deller wrote:
> This is, because that's the way the installer images are being built
> on the original build servers with the unmodified scripts/tools.
> If you want the build process to be able to work with caching proxies,
> someone needs to do modifications and bring them upstream.
> Adrian offered to set up the build process as he has done it for many
> of the architectures already. As far as I read his answers, he seems not
> to be so much interested to do special work now "just" for alpha....
I didn't follow the whole thread so I don't remember what the actual problem
is/was. But what I need is a Debian/Alpha porterbox which has a proper
Debian Ports archive mirror in its sources.list such that the Debian Installer
packages are being mirrored.

Once I have that, I can manually build the debian-installer package on Alpha,
then build fresh images on casulana, the Debian CD build server which has
a full mirror of the Debian Ports archive. The debian-installer package needs
to be built natively, it cannot be cross-built, as far as I know.

I would use qemu-user, but so far trying to build debian-installer with qemu-user
emulating Alpha didn't work. For m68k and sh4, for example, this works fine.


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