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Re: kde build deps issue?

Hi Bob,

Hope you don't mind me CCing the debian-alpha list as it would be good
to get other eyes seeing the problems.

On Tue, Oct 02, 2018 at 10:50:27AM -0500, Bob Tracy wrote:
> Several packages stuck in the update queue, and as best I can determine,
> there are some build dependencies gumming up the works.  It's kinda hard
> to move forward with updating "kde-baseapps" when "konqueror" and
> "dolphin" won't build.  I see dependencies on "baloo-kf5", and several
> packages in the "kio" family popping up in my research, but haven't
> looked at things too closely.
> If you could point me at the bottleneck (and assuming it's solvable),
> I'd be happy to throw a few spare cycles at it.  Thanks.

There are at least two problems:

#896658 easily fixed, but when I made an account on the upstream bug
tracker they started spamming me with their product advertisements so
I am having absolutely nothing more to do with that.

And their is a much bigger problem: qttools-opensource-src build
depends on libclang which is not available on many of the ports.
I get the impression that upstream is not interested in making that
build dependency optional.  I have taken a look at the old Alpha
back-end for LLVM but there is a substantial amount of work to get
it building with a recent LLVM. I started this but on realising the
amount of work still required have had to abandon it. There is a
possibility of getting clang support without needing an LLVM backend
but I haven't looked at that, and probably won't be able to in the
near future.

So my view is, unless someone wants to pick up these issues and
provide fixes, building kde on Alpha has come to an end.


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