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New debian-ports archive signing key (2018)


The 2018 debian-ports archive signing key will expire in about one
month. The 2018 one has been created, uploaded to the keyservers, and a
new version of the debian-ports-archive-keyring package has also been
uploaded. This key will be used in the next few days to sign the archive
in addition to the 2017 one, which will be deactivated when expired.

The key is:

pub   rsa4096/0x06AED62430CB581C 2017-12-30 [SC] [expires: 2019-01-31]
uid                  [  full  ] Debian Ports Archive Automatic Signing Key (2018) <ftpmaster@ports-master.debian.org>

It can be found as well on: 


Or attached to this mail.


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