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mpich FTBFS on sh4: MPIUI_Thread TLS definition mismatches tbss

mpich has been consistently failing to build on sh4.
The error occurs when linking the static library with the message:

/usr/bin/ld: MPIUI_Thread: TLS definition in lib/.libs/libmpich.a(lib_libmpich_la-mpiu_thread.o) section .tbss mismatches non-TLS reference in lib/.libs/libmpich.a(lib_libmpich_la-comm_rank.o)
lib/.libs/libmpich.a: error adding symbols: Bad value

I'm not familiar with TLS or tbss.  Is there a straightforward way to
fix it?

The compilation of src/util/thread/mpiu_thread.c and
src/mpi/comm/comm_rank.c doesn't report anything odd.

The link error suggests 2 different versions of MPIUI_Thread are used. 
But I can only see a definition in src/util/thread/mpiu_thread.c.
src/mpi/comm does not refer to it, and comm_rank.c does not use any
MPIU object. So the error message doesn't make sense to me.

Can anyone make sense of it?


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