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Re: undone by a dead CR2032 button cell

I have old Permedia 2 and S3 cards for the same reason. :-).

And should the day ever come, heavens forbid, that a card has passed into the silicon beyond, remember that SRM can boot headless and has a serial port console on COM1. Different baud rates (9600 or 19200) are possible depending on the motherboard and SRM port settings. It may need a nudge with the ENTER key to get the SRM >>> prompt.


Bob Tracy wrote:
Next, boot the machine (still in AlphaBIOS at that point), go into setup
and switch to the Digital UNIX console (SRM), save settings, and reboot.
Now in SRM, at the ">>> " prompt, set pci_device_override as indicated
above.  Powered down the machine.  Swapped out the video card.  Voila!
All is well.

Definitely felt that cannonball whizzing by overhead.


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