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Re: [BUG] 4.9.0 build error on Alpha

On Thu, 29 Dec 2016, Bob Tracy wrote:

> > I'm guessing it's another symptom of the old "kernel too big" problem?
> How has this been worked around in the past?  I have a fairly
> feature-full kernel, but the only built-in drivers are for the things
> that have to be present at boot time.

 This looks like a link ordering issue to me, the failures are branches 
between objects built from arch/alpha/lib/*.S assembly sources, which 
must have got moved apart more with the switch of the compiler version.

 One workaround might be making them a .o rather than .a target, which 
will ensure they're close to each other, at the cost of a small kernel 
size increase if some of these functions would otherwise be unused.

 Replacing branches with full address calculation and register jumps might 
be another, although this would cost some run time instead, so I think the 
former approach is a bit better.



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