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Multia state of support


Wondering on how well DEC Multia is supported by Linux.

1. How to netboot?
provides no netboot image (only files for qemu are there)
doesn't load
boots but apparently is too old (woody release). Can I even upgrade to debian ports unstable from there?

2. Does X server works? If yes, does it works via framebuffer driver only?

What finally happened to dedicated xf86-video-tga driver?
The last trace for me is https://lists.debian.org/debian-alpha/2009/09/msg00011.html
If it's alive, any plans to move its acceleration bits to EXA or provide Xorg with XAA in Debian?

I know NetBSD cheats on X11 by integrating an old vendor X server (Xdec) into their tree and then maintaining it https://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-alpha/2011/09/20/msg000507.html
Anything similar for Linux?

3. Where to get be the last (it may be old) Debian release/snapshot with best support for 1 and 2?

Thanks for any feedback.
- Alex

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