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Re: as far as putting in a build request

On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 10:26:03PM +1200, Michael Cree wrote:
> kdepim is now built.


Still working on our issues with getting glib2.0 built.  As you
mentioned in a separate message, the official build environment
doesn't include "gdb", so "run-assert-msg-test.sh" exits cleanly without
encountering an error due to attempting to run "gdb" on a wrapper script
rather than an actual executable.  I'm currently testing an instrumented
version of the test script to verify what's happening.

Re: glib2.0

Should be able to get past the assert message test and try resolving the
"socket-listener" test issue later today.  The "mimeapps" issue has not
resurfaced: if there's some underlying race condition, we evidently
"win" most of the time.  There is at least one more bit of randomness in
the test suite: one of the "gio" tests hung on one iteration, but that
particular problem has not resurfaced.  Regardless of whether we
ultimately get a successful build/test run, there's an underlying issue
of whether it can be trusted, and I suspect the package maintainers will
end up having to take a closer look at several of the tests.  This isn't
intended to be a slam against the developers: it's *hard* to write good
tests for complex code, and for all I know, the randomness may well lie
in the code being tested rather than the test itself.


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