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Re: as far as putting in a build request

On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 08:05:14PM -0500, Bob Tracy wrote:
> Getting the dependencies for "kde-baseapps" built would be a huge help
> in trying to clear what is now a 278-package backlog of held packages
> on my local system.
> Also would love to see the build dependencies for the "kdepim" source
> package satisfied: that's a big part of the KDE upgrade mess. 

Both kdepim and kde-baseapps build-depend on unbuilt baloo which
build-depends on unbuilt kfilemetadata which is currently in
needs-build.  It may be a few days before we get through all that.
There are over 230 packages in needs-build when I write this.

(If you would prefer I could prioritise kfilemetadata to be built as
soon as possible to speed up the rebuilding of the kde stack.)

> Gnome is similarly afflicted :-(.

glib2.0 FTBFS (test-suite failures) and is holding up Gnome.  If you
could work your magic on that one too I would be mightily pleased!
(I think one or two of the test suite failures seen on the build
daemons only appear when running an SMP kernel; I really should take
a look at those.)

I think there is also a dependency loop involving opencv which is
blocking some other important packages from being built. Once the
build daemons get through a substantial part of the backlog I'll
tackle that one, as it will need a manual build and upload.


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