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Re: Permedia 2 (Elsa Gloria Synergy) glint driver ?


It seems that the glint driver does not exist any more in Debian.

It is in wheezy, but not in sid (only one is old m68k version)

You can try to download the wheezy version, and load with newer Xorg.
Using an old version driver with new xserver used to work for me at
least in one case, but long time ago, on PWS 500.

You'd better find an ATI Radeon PCI card, sometimes they show at
around 30 euros on ebay.

Best regards
Gianluca Bonetti

2015-04-11 0:20 GMT+02:00 Markus <alpha@violine.ch>:
> Hi
> my Alphastation 500/400 has a Permedia 2 video card.
> Just installed Debian 8.0 (unstable) and wanted to add the glint driver.
> apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-glint
> but there's no glint at all.
> does it still exist for alpha ?
> thanks for feedback
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