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Re: changing the java default to java7, and dropping java support for some architectures

:-)  I'm one who asked there some time back why java7 is no longer in
the archives (unstable/experimental), while the last binaries I had
installed still work OK on my mini-pc...

I'm just curious, sorry for asking to the lists...  I want to
understand if the mini-pc is still a low performance desktop
alternative with java enabled, or is no longer suited for that, :-)
So your answers are very appreciated.
The problem is that if you want openjdk on your architecture then someone has to commit to doing the work to keep it building and working in the face of changes from upstream. For x86/x64 and presumablly to some extent sparc (though I don't know if they test linux/sparc or only solaris/sparc) upstream keeps it working. For arm ubuntu and probablly other commerical linux distros need to keep it working. Powerpc seems to be be getting at least some support from IBM.

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