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Re: changing the java default to java7, and dropping java support for some architectures

Hey Matthias

On 06/05/13 15:22, Matthias Klose wrote:
It's time to change the Java default to java7, and to drop java support on
architectures with non-working java7.


Patches for the transition to Java7 should be available in the BTS, mostly
submitted by James Page.  Some may be still lurking around as diffs in Ubuntu
packages, apologies for that.  There are a few cases, where Java7 is not yet an
alternative to Java6, so the transition should not be blocked on these missing
bits. However it should be clear that this is an interim solution, and OpenJDK 6
will be removed for jessie.

The outstanding list of submitted patches (from the transition in Ubuntu 12.10) can be found here:


The list of packages I did not transition includes (taken from Ubuntu 13.04):

* clojure1.2
* jmock2

* arb
* libextractor-java
* libsbml
* netbeans
* nordugrid-arc
* openjdk-6
* osmosis-plugin-borderextract
* scala
* uwsgi
* wims

These packages explicitly BD on openjdk-6-jdk - some notes on why (only a partial list):

wims: compiler flags all over the place not compatible with openjdk-7
rjava: involved as needs a build system change as well
scala: lots of code failures - may need to stick with 6
uwsgi: Specifically targets and provides java 6 packages..
visualvm: specifically targets openjdk-6

Some of those packages have openjdk-6-jdk as an alternative BD - that should probably be dropped:

libextractor-java: DONE - alternative bd only
libsbml: DONE - alternative bd only
nordugrid-arc: DONE - not primary BD


James Page
Ubuntu Core Developer
Debian Maintainer

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