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Re: USB cards for PWS 433au

Bob Tracy wrote:
Frankly, I've yet to see a 64-bit PCI card, but if such a thing falls
into my lap, it would be nice for it to have some chance of working.

They do exist! :-)

I have a couple.

A Symbios/LSI U160 and a U320 SCSI card. And a Intraserver SCSI (NCR/Symbios 895 I think) + Ethernet (DEC) combo card. Those work perfectly and being NCR/Symbios/LSI are bootable from SRM or ARC/AlphaBIOS. The U160 and U320 cards regularly pop up on Ebay. The battery backed up + cache + RAID versions have come down in price since industry is moving on to other things.

A Intel Gigabit Ethernet card. It was marketed for "servers", but just works in a Alpha.

A QStor SATA card, but it's been a while since I put it in a Alpha. So I'm not sure of the status of that one. There is a linux support for it. It works ok in x86. And it works with some patches in x86_64, so it might work in a Alpha.

Now if anyone has seen a 64bit PCI video card...


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