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Re: Debian Linux for Alpha arch

On 1/06/2012, at 3:32 PM, Reece Martin wrote:
I know Debian stopped support at version 5. Would it still be possible to get a copy of this, preferably downloadable as an ISO image.

I would try snapshot.debian.org in the first instance. Look for a snapshot about the 10th of March this year, as I think that was after the final release of Lenny and before Lenny was removed from the official servers. You can find an apt-get repository there but I am not so sure if the ISO images are archived on snapshot.d.o.

If you can't find the ISO I am sure someone on this list probably can dig out an old Lenny net-install or minimal-install CD and make the ISO available. That will enable you to get the installation started and it can be completed by pointing apt at snapshot.d.o.


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