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Re: Porter access to an alpha anywhere?

On 02/05/12 05:24, Bill MacAllister wrote:
>> Greetings!  gcc30.fsffrance.org and goedel.debian.org appear to be gone
>> now, but autobuilders are still functioning.  Is there a machine on
>> which one can chase down a build failure?

Yeah, the official Debian Alpha porterbox has recently been decommissioned.

> I run two Alpha buildd servers.  I can let you have access to them.

That's an older ev56 based Alpha which if you are wanting to debug a
smaller package will be adequate.  But if you are wanting to work on a
large "time consuming to compile" package you might want access to
something faster.  I am hoping I can make one of my faster Alphas
available to Debian Developers for porting work, but it will be probably
be at least a week or two before I can get it set up.


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