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Who wants to take over goedel.d.o?


Recently "goedel.debian.org" was decommissioned as a Debian build server. I got the box in 2007 as a donation from a kind HP engineer and hosted it in my university and later in the company I work for. Now it is unused and if anyone in the Debian universe wants it (s)he can have it!

The box is a DS20E [1] with 2 EV68/833MHz, 4G of RAM and four hard disks. You don't want to have it in the same room as yourself as it creates a lot of heat and sound :) Also two persons for carrying it are definitely recommended...

goedel is currently in Darmstadt, Germany. If the taker could pick it up himself that'd be perfect, I could also drive it around in something like a 100km radius. Otherwise we'd have to discuss how to ship it.

Anyone interested? If so: please reply to me personally as I'm no longer on the debian-alpha list…


[1] http://h18002.www1.hp.com/alphaserver/archive/ds20e/index.html

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