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KDE broken again

I don't know exactly when things broke, as it has been a good while
since I've had the time to do much with the Alpha.  (Been trying to
retire a K6-III/450 system for a while, and finally got moved into an
i7-2600S.  Yes, I like it :-)).  Both plasma-desktop and kderunner are
crashing during startup, and the crashes resemble what I was seeing many
weeks ago when we were fighting "qt4-x11" optimized build issues.  I
further note that the corresponding binary packages are now at version
4.7.4-2, and the last non-optimized build I did to workaround the problem
was 4.7.3-8.

Since it *has* been a while and I probably missed the discussion, did
the qt4-x11 source package ever get rebuilt with the new compiler
version (with the optimizer fixes)?  I recall there was intent to do
that, but I'm a bit fuzzy on whether it actually happened.


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