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Re: Small problem creating buildd chroot with debootstrap

On 28/02/2012, at 1:11 PM, Bill MacAllister wrote:

After some disk shuffling on one of the buildd's I hit the following
when rebuilding the chroot with debootstrap:

For a buildd chroot I think that should do it. It's what I recall doing on my buildd. It's a bit of a pain that debootstrap falls over in the configuration --- there must be some conflict somewhere but I am not sure what the real problem is.

I did wonder whether debootstrap does something with apt policy in the chroot as one of the last steps of installation and whether we might have missed that in our chroot installations. But I would need to study the code of debootstrap to be really sure.

BTW I did try lvm2 snapshot chroots but I kept hitting what I read somewhere is a long standing kernel bug. So ended up back with the directory chroots.


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