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a few package dependency issues

There have been libjpeg62 and libjpeg62-dev updates held back for many
months due to dependency issues.  In particular, when I tried
"apt-get install libjpeg62 libjpeg62-dev" this morning to check the
current status, I got the following proposed removals:

  libcupsimage2-dev libdirectfb-dev libdjvulibre-dev libgd2-noxpm-dev
  libmng-dev libtiff4-dev

*Much* better than the lists I've gotten in past attempts, so thank you
for that!  The corresponding non-dev packages are in sync and fully up-
to-date.  If these packages are "cruft" from an older distribution and
need to go bye-bye, let me know and I'll do what needs doing.


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