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Re: Progress on the Alpha distribution at debian-ports

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 03:56:41PM -0600, Bob Tracy wrote:
> Got a new bug I need to file against the "radvd" package: the "radvd"
> process ID stored in /var/run/radvd/pid is the predecessor of two child
> processes that get spawned (and detach: ppid == 1).  Thus, init level
> changes don't work correctly as far as locating running radvd processes,
> among other anomalies.  I run the "gw6c" IPv6 client, which spawns
> "radvd" as part of its startup routine.  When the IPv6 tunnel collapses
> and "gw6c" reopens it, two more running instances of "radvd" appear
> because of the broken pidfile <--> running instance(s) relationship.

The latest "radvd" at least partially fixes the issue: the pidfile now
contains the last-spawned-but-detached child, so a running instance of
"radvd" can now be detected once again.  It remains to be seen whether
the other detached "radvd" process will die when its younger sibling
goes away.  If so, the fix is valid.


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