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Re: iceweasel "-O0" vs. "-O1" performance

On 27/11/11 09:08, Bob Tracy wrote:
> No contest: the "-O1" version runs *much* faster on my PWS 433au.  I still
> don't trust the optimizer, but the performance gains are too great to ignore.

As I understand it -O1 only turns on straightforward optimisations such
as keeping often used local variables in CPU registers.  On a CPU with
many registers, such as the Alpha, this gives a huge performance lift.

I presume you picked up the version of iceweasel I uploaded to the
unreleased distribution?

Now that we have a recent iceweasel/xulrunner built some of its
dependencies are also getting built.  A few more delicacies for people
to munch upon should appear at your favourite mirror within a day or two.


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