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desktop reset

I know this isn't the place to ask, but the amount of dreck returned by
Google on the subject is generally either incomplete or just plain
wrong.  I also figure fellow Alpha users have been here :-(.

Recent upgrades to KDE (now KDE4) and Gnome (now Gnome 3) have left me
without a working GUI.  I go through this pain every time there's a
major distro upgrade, and I think I've finally reached the point where I
need to start over.  Short of a reinstall from scratch, what's the best
way to give myself a "new user" KDE4 and Gnome 3 configuration?  Assume
I don't care about any existing desktop customizations, because I have
yet to see a desktop environment upgrade do so (correctly), and I'm tired
of fighting this particular battle :-(.  Too many things broken right
now, and it's tough to debug when there are multiple potential causes
(mostly due to running "sid").

The amount of mostly undocumented application-specific configuration crap
under a user's home directory is truly astounding.  I've got the following
directories (not a complete list), some of which I'm sure are artifacts
from earlier days:


I'm going to assume most if not all of the above can/should go bye-bye,
although I'll probably save the ".icons" directory.  /etc/skel is minimal:
doesn't seem to have been touched since 2010, and contains only
.bash_logout, .bashrc, and .profile, i.e., no GUI-specific skeleton
configuration to copy into place.

Any and all knowledgeable help appreciated.


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