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Alpha ES45 buildd

Hi all

I mentionned some time ago I was thinking to put my ES45 in service for
the project. I have set it up and it is running well. It was running now
for about two weeks but it started to overheat the room it is placed in
- with no load on it, by just idleing. The room temperature rose to 38°C
and the other two servers working in there started to complain about the
heat. Michael Cree recently wrote me the projects buildd problems was
solved anyway.
If there is a huge need of setting up my machine as a buildd, I still
can search for another solution and contribute it (I was using Debian on
alpha for years for productive servers and it would be fair to do so).
Please speak up if it is really a need to have it as a buildd.

Regards, Adrian.

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