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Re: new buildds and devel alphas (Was: Advancing Debian Alpha Porting)

On 18/05/11 12:47, Adrian Zaugg wrote:
> On 14/04/11 10:48, Michael Cree wrote:
>> It appears we are to provide the Alpha buildds.  We need at least two
> I just was thinking abaout activating my ES-45 as a part of the job.

Are you still interested in doing that?  We have four older Alphas being
prepared to be buildds but having a newer Alpha in the fold may be a
good idea.

> Some questions arise, though.
> As a willing new buildd admin, I need to know about the expected data
> traffic volume, diskspace needs, how to sign built packages, how upload
> access is done.

It's unstable and experimental only.  I am not sure about data traffic
volume.  The buildd downloads the source files, builds the new package
and uploads the binary packages.  How much that amounts to depends on
the new package churn in unstable I presume.

For a buildd disk space of a few Gbytes for the build chroot environment
is probably necessary, particularly for the bigger builds.  I see that
eglibc and gcc require about 2Gbytes.  I guess libreoffice would be one
of the biggest builds and I see the i386 port on buildd.debian.org
required just over 6Gbyte of disc space.

As an ES-45 would be the gruntiest buildd I suspect we would direct the
really large builds such as libreoffice specifically at it.

When the buildd has built a package it sends mail (of the log and
changes file) and the recipient replies with the signed changes file if
the build is successful.  That can be, but doesn't have to be you.  I am
prepared to do some work signing built change files.

Having read some of the Debian buildd admins' blogs it does appear to be
a bit of a boring job.

BTW, none of us providing buildd support are DDs.

> I vaguely remember that every now and then there
> were also no alpha developer machines available

There remains one official Debian Alpha porter box.

> And instead of everyone fighting to setup a buildd on their own,

Yeah, there have been a number of offers so I don't think we will be
short of buildds.  Nevertheless I suspect it would be good to spread the
job around a bit.

What we really need now is some people prepared to get into the actual
porting and start fixing the bugs and problems in the Alpha port!

> we
> could also share our experience and update the docu of this process,
> since there are several documents around, but none that seems really
> perfect. I found:
> - http://www.debian.org/devel/buildd/
> - http://dsa.debian.org/howto/new-machine/
> - https://buildd.debian.org/docs/buildd-setup.txt
> - http://www.debian-ports.org/archive
> - http://kmuto.jp/open.cgi?buildd

The vast majority of those are unfortunately out of date if you use the
latest buildd/sbuildd software from the unstable distribution.  I have
not found anything up to date.  But I have pretty much got a buildd
going and I think Witold and Bill are somewhat along the process so I
think we can give quite a bit of advice:-)


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