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Re: QEMU Alpha system status

On 05/05/2011 01:16 PM, Witold Baryluk wrote:
> As of QEMU i must say "Cool!".
> I was going to work on qemu-alpha after fixing linker and compiler issue
> in current versions. Is there any repository for you work?


  git://repo.or.cz/qemu/rth.git axp-iommu-1

  git://repo.or.cz/linux-2.6/rth.git axp-qemu


What's there is only slightly beyond what's described in


Basically, there's now exactly enough support in the emulation PALcode
to convince Linux that it's running on SRM instead of MILO.

Virtio devices seem to work now.  I can mount virtio disks, and get a
dhcp lease from virtio-net.

That's about as far as I've been able to get so far with what's on
debian's install initrd.gz.  I had been about to say that the installer
hangs detecting cdrom media, but it seems to have worked this time.
Of course, I didn't actually have a cdrom configured...

I wonder if it was merely slow previously.  I seem to recall that I've
rebuilt the kernel non-generic since last time I tried...


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