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Re: Problems with linker on Alpha

On 03/05/11 21:21, Michael Cree wrote:
On 03/05/11 07:26, Richard Henderson wrote:
On 04/30/2011 07:25 PM, Michael Cree wrote:
Secondly, I noted a number of test suite failures in the ld component
while building binutils.

=== ld Summary ===

# of expected passes 505
# of unexpected failures 10
# of unexpected successes 2
# of expected failures 34
# of untested testcases 1

I see there's a lot more tests done with the unix target, nevertheless
I'll re-test with binutils master cvs to see if some of those unexpected
failures go away.

No, they don't go away. The unexpected failures are still there when compiling and testing cvs master.


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