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Success installing Lenny on a ES45 (was Re: latest debian testing on alpha installer?)

Dear all

Just quickly wanted to say I managed to install Debian Lenny on my HP AlphaServer ES45. I plugged a graphics card in and the installation went through just with one problem: Using BSD disk labels there is no FD partition type for linux raid autodetect. The installer refuses to set up a software raid configuration - but that's certainly known...

The failed installation attempt mentioned below was over a serial cable, I haven't tried it again, so I don't know, what the mistake was.

Regards, Adrian.

On 11/08/2010 11:10 AM, Adrian Zaugg wrote:
Dear list members

On my ES45 I tried to boot the lenny installer, which hangs after a
while and anyway I would prefer to use squeeze installer, which I cannot
find for download. Is there no squeeze beta1 for testing on alpha around?

Regards, Adrian.

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