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Re: DEC 3000 M300LX

On Friday 05 November 2010 00:44:16 marco duarte wrote:
> Good night!
> I'm writing from Portugal
> I have a Dec 3000 M300LX and got the following error:
> INIT-S-SCC ...
> INIT-S-NI ...
> 84 FAIL
> »
> I would like your help to solve this error because I have no solutions for
>  this problem. Sincerely:
> Marco Duarte

Hi Marco,

You don't say if this is running Debian or not. I know the only free OS my DEC 
3000 M600S can run is NetBSD. Unless you are doing something like 
Debian/KFreeBSD (and I'm not sure this will work) it probably won't even boot, 
which is what this looks like.

Mark Ter Morshuizen
2U Rackmount Casings: http://www.rackmount.co.za

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