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Re: current state of sid (unstable)

On 04/08/10 09:35, Michael Cree wrote:
On 4/08/2010, at 1:48 AM, Bob Tracy wrote:
(5) Some long-standing compiler and libc issues have been fixed
upstream and in Debian, but recently, a build of libc in Debian
Unstable failed.

I see the memchr seg fault bug (521737) is still open. I have a hunch
that it may be a false-positive,

Darn, it's a true-positive.

 It's a standard ldq_u for loading a byte within a
quadword that is failing. If the correct quadword is being loaded then
that shouldn't trip a seg fault no matter what byte in it is being
loaded, even if the byte is pass the end of the string, right?

If there are fewer than eight bytes to search it loads a quadword (via ldq_u) encompassing the address one byte before the start address plus the length to search. If the start address is quadword aligned then that will always be safe, but it appears to me that the author forgot about the possibility that the start address may not be quadword aligned, and then adding on the length-1 may step across the next quadword boundary, and whoops, we've gone past the valid end of buffer.

The problem is in both the Alpha generic and the Alpha ev6 code for memchr in libc.

Ohh, the kernel code (arch/alpha/lib/memchr.S) has the same problem!


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