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Re: current state of sid (unstable)

On 04/08/10 01:48, Bob Tracy wrote:
  Unfortunately, firefox-3.6.8 built with an up-to-date lenny
environment suffers from the same persistent segfault issues, which tends
to indicate some kind of problem with libraries, which is what pushed me
toward "unstable" originally,

OK, I've got a monolithic build of icecat 3.6.8 completed and installed and that is working fine on Debian Unstable.

I've just done a bit of browsing with iceweasel 3.5.11 in Unstable and it works fine until I selected the history menu item at which point it segfaulted. I'll see if I can get a back trace and make a bug report.

BTW, implementing the arch specific atomic ops for the Chromium component of Firefox/iceweasel doesn't look too difficult. Pinching some code out of the kernel should go a long way. I might have a go at that some day soon.


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