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Re: Bug#572512: module-init-tools: depmod unaligned trap on alpha

On 15/04/10 20:53, Marco d'Itri wrote:
On Apr 15, Meelis Roos<mroos@linux.ee>  wrote:

Please find out exactly which operation is causing the traps.
Are there any news?

After some digging I could not find out how to interpret these adresses
and to correlate them against the binary.

I could recompile depmod to instrument it with something, but I still
have no clear idea how to tell where these traps are happening. Any
I suppose that the process involves an unstripped binary and gdb, the
people on debian-alpha@ should be able to help you.

If you run:

prctl --unaligned=signal depmod -a

you can get it to dump core with a bus error at the point of the unaligned access. Gdb can be used to analyse the core dump but obviously compiling depmod with debugging symbols would be helpful.

When I've got a moment I'll give that a go.


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