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m4 test suite segfaults on alpha


m4 fails to build from source


The build logs says:

/bin/bash: line 1: 23419 Segmentation fault      EXEEXT='' srcdir='.' LOCALE_FR='none' LOCALE_FR_UTF8='none' LIBSIGSEGV='' LOCALE_FR='none' LOCALE_TR_UTF8='none' LOCALE_FR='none' LOCALE_FR_UTF8='none' LOCALE_JA='none' LOCALE_ZH_CN='none' LOCALE_FR_UTF8='none' LOCALE_FR='none' LOCALE_FR_UTF8='none' LOCALE_FR='none' LOCALE_FR_UTF8='none' PATH='/build/buildd-m4_1.4.14-1-alpha-hjyniv/m4-1.4.14/build-aux':"$PATH" PATH='/build/buildd-m4_1.4.14-1-alpha-hjyniv/m4-1.4.14/build-aux':"$PATH" LOCALE_FR='none' LOCALE_FR_UTF8='none' LOCALE_JA='none' LOCALE_ZH_CN='none' "$tst" > test-strstr.log-t 2>&1
FAIL: test-strstr

Is this a bug in bash?

Any help will be appreciated. This failure apparently does not prevent
m4 from entering testing (the ones in mips and mipsel do), but anyway,
I'm not glad that m4 FTBFS on alpha.


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