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Xserver working on Alpha - finally

(Thought it was time for a new subject...)

Brief synopsis of story thus far...  Upgraded X11 infrastructure in the
hope of fixing whatever the updates to "Testing" broke several months
ago.  The new server and radeon driver almost worked: mouse cursor was
normal brightness, but the rest of the display was almost too dim to be
useable.  Moved existing xorg.conf out of the way, and the monitor would
powerdown shortly after the xserver initialized: no signal on the DVI-0
output (where I've got an old 15" monitor plugged in using a DB15 <-->
DVI adapter).  The radeon driver couldn't detect anything connected to
any of the video card outputs, so it defaulted to VGA-0.  Nothing I
tried in xorg.conf worked as far as forcing the output to DVI-0.

Finally tried moving the monitor to the VGA-0 output.  With my old
xorg.conf file, I got the same "mouse cursor normal, display otherwise
dim" behavior.  After moving xorg.conf out of the way, I got the most
beautiful display I've ever seen at what is probably the maximum depth
and resolution this monitor supports: 1152x864x24.  I *had* been running
at 1024x768x16, and would prefer the slightly lower resolution on a 15"
screen because my eyes are sensitive to flicker at refresh rates
at/below 60 Hz.

For now, I'll give up on trying to run with the DVI-0 output (although
it's annoying to have lost a capability I used to have).  At least
the monitor is auto-detected when it's plugged directly into the VGA-0
output.  I guess it's time to dig through the Xorg.0.log file and see
if there's an auto-detected 1024x768 mode I can specify in a minimal
xorg.conf file.


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