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Re: [RFC] Dropping architectures alpha and m68k from the Installation Guide

On Wednesday 14 October 2009, Brian Szymanski wrote:
> Maybe I'm just sad that alpha is being dropped for squeeze, but... It
> strikes me that not having install docs will be a major hindrance to any
> revival of the alpha port, as it will discourage potential new
> developers from ever trying debian on their boxes and seeing what needs
> to be fixed.

The answer to that is that the installation guide for alpha for earlier 
Debian releases (up to Lenny) will remain available and should mostly 
remain valid for the next few releases, especially for architecture-
specific topics.

And for general installer functionality the installation guide for any 
other architecture can be consulted. I estimate that over 90% of the 
installation guide is identical for all architectures.

So, even though not having an alpha installation guide for Squeeze and 
later may be inconvenient, it's not the end of the world IMO.

I also can't help but wonder how realistic a revival is. After all, the 
main reason it's being dropped is lack of community interest.

> As far as the burden on translators goes, is there a priority ranking
> system for what needs to be done? Seems like that could help here...

You can see the status of various translations here:
That page also contains various links to information for translators.

Somehow I doubt you're such a super linguist that you could help with all 
the translations we have :-)
But if you're interested in helping out with an existing translation, or 
starting one for your language, that's always welcome. For existing 
translations, please contact the current translators (on the appropriate 
d-l10n-<lang> list); to start a new translation, please mail the 
debian-boot list.

But be warned that a new translation is a lot of work and only really worth 
starting if you're willing to commit to it for a long time. Or if you can 
gather a good team that can guarantee continuity.


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