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Re: Installing on an Alpha XL 300

On Thu 01 Oct 2009, Adam Mercer wrote:
> A while ago I posted that I was trying to install Debian on an old
> Alpha XL 300 and was told, on this list, that I would have to install
> Woody and then update. I have obtained the appropriate boot material,
> a boot floppy and CD and am now trying to start the installer.
> I have been trying to following the instructions at
> <http://www.debian.org/releases/woody/alpha/install.en.html> but
> cannot figure out how to boot into the installer. Does anyone have any
> experience with installing Debian on an Alpha XL 300 that could offer
> and help or advice?

The instructions at
are basically sound, that's how I remember doing it :-)

I've formatted a small partition on my disk with FAT (as the ARC
firmware understands that), and that contains my milo and kernel.
(My milo dates from 2002.)

I don't know whether a current debian kernel image will work correctly
on an XL300 (technically XLT300). I've always built my own, and the last
one I have is I tried building a 2.6.27 one, but that didn't
boot... I may try a standard debian image sometime.


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